Diploma of Competency in 
Make-up & Prosthetics (1 Year)

Certificate of Competency in Make-up Artistry (Can be taken as 5 month standalone course)

Beauty and Fashion Make-up

This unit is about designing and applying beauty and fashion  make-up and includes incorporating current fashion trends, historical/period and special occasion make-up. Here are some of the make-up looks you will cover: Day, Evening, Bridal, Ethnic, Photographic, Ramp, Glamour, 1920s- 2000s, Oriental, Ballet and lots more....

Readheaded Model

Theatrical  Make-up

This unit is about designing and applying theatrical make-up, here are some of the make-up looks that will be covered: Theatrical ageing, Clown, Kabuki, Geisha, Crepe Beards, Face Painting, Drag, Fantasy, Body Art, Bald caps and lots more..


Special Effects Make-up

This unit is all about designing and applying SFX make-up such as cuts, bruises, broken noses, frost bite, bullet wounds, burn wounds, chopped off finger, slit throat and lots more.... 


Certificate of Competency in Prosthetics (Can be taken as 5 month standalone course)

Designing and Drawing

The aim of this unit is to develop your knowledge in how to draw and design your prosthetic characters using varies techniques and mediums such as pencils, acrylic paints, water pencil, chalk and lots more...


Life Casting

Here you will learn how to use different products to make a life cast of your model, this will include the process of casting the entire head of your model aswell as their ears and teeth.

Sculpting Techniques

For this unit you will learn how to work with different types of clays and sculpting tools to create textures, life like anatomy and finally the techniques to sculpt full creature effects...

Casting Prosthetic Pieces


In this unit you will learn the process of casting your sculptures and making prosthetic pieces out of different materials such as latex, gelatin, Eco-flex, Dragon-skin, Platsil Gel and lots more...

Apply Prosthetic Pieces and Bald Caps

Through this unit you will learn about applying, blending and coloring prosthetic pieces such as ears, noses, chins and bald caps. You will also learn about the safe removal of prosthetics, as well as storage and cleaning methods.